Saint Lucia Secrets: A Beautiful Island

Saint Lucia truly has something for everyone. This lush, volcanic Caribbean island has beautiful, unspoiled splendor just waiting to be explored. With help from the volcanic soil, the lush tropical forests cover the entire island, including the iconic Piton Mountians. These twin peaks are right next to Sulphur Springs, the world’s only drive thru volcano. You can drive right up to the edge of the springs and even take a sulphur mud bath!

Whether you are seeking adventure, nature, culture, spectacular diving, or romance, you will not be disappointed!

During our seven day trip to Saint Lucia, we experienced the island’s natural beauty, met its welcoming people, and saw many of its beautiful resorts. From eco-friendly boutique hotels tucked in the hillsides providing amazing views of the coves below to the elegant all-inslusives located on splendid beaches, every resort was unique and worth exploring.

We only had time to do one excursion during this visit, but this Island Routes tour included multiple stops around the island. We zip lined, visited a waterfall, and stopped at an overlook with panoramic views. Our trip to Saint Lucia was a phenomenal one and I would return in a heartbeat! Follow our posts over the next two weeks to get exclusive details of the resorts we visited and more Saint Lucia specifics! 

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