Over Water Bungalows have now arrived in the Caribbean!

Over Water Bungalows have now arrived in the Caribbean!

Many people come to me and tell me that they want an over water bungalow for their honeymoon. Until just recently the only way you were getting an over water bungalow was if you traveled for a full day or longer to the French Polynesian. In our neck of the woods (the midwest) it's not easy to get to Bora Bora or Moorea. When most people who do not live on the west coast of the U.S. find out how much time it takes to get over there they end up changing their minds and traveling to the Caribbean or Mexico. Until just recently getting a room over the ocean in the Caribbean was only a dream. Sandals Resorts has brought that dream to life and merged the luxury all inclusive concept with the over water bungalows!

 Sandals Resorts is known for having more quality inclusions than any other resort on the planet. They are known for having the best service of any other resort brand. The closer you look the better they look. Attention to detail is what Sandals and Beaches Resorts do best! So it's no surprise that Sandals was the first resort in the Caribbean to build Over Water Villas and Over Water Bunglows! Sandals Royal Caribbean, located in Montego Bay, Jamaica is the home of these highly coveted suites.

 There are 5 Over Water Villas which extend off of the private off- shore island that is owned by Sandals. These Villas are roughly 1200 square feet and offer glass floors, floating water hammock, private infinity pool and Jacuzzi with outdoor shower. You know you've arrived when you meet your own personal butler. Trained in accordance to the exacting standards of the Guild of Professional Butlers, who provide butlers to nobility and celebrities, your personal butler handles every detail of your vacation with unobtrusive grace.

These Over Water Villas opened on November 15, 2016. They are booked solid for the next two years. But the good news is that construction is currently underway to add 15 Over Water Bungalows which will be smaller than the villas but will be more affordable.  These bungalows will still offer the breathtaking views over the water, a private soaking tub, spacious bathroom and bedroom, and direct access into the ocean from the private deck. Complete with a butler as well.

There is talk about over water bungalows being built at other Sandals resorts throughout the Caribbean as well such as Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals Barbados. These amazing suites are highly coveted and will be selling out over a year in advance.

That is where booking through a travel agent is a very good idea! If nothing else, booking early with a travel agent will give you more of a shot to be able to get your hands on one of these suites for the dates you want. Travel agents work with many suppliers who sell Sandals and if you can't find one that is available, travel agents may have a few tricks up their sleeve to help you get a hold of that over water suite you are wanting for the dates you want. Not to mention that Personal Travel has actually seen these villas in person and know the exact layout, amenities, even inside tips on which villa is the best if you don't want to be overlooking the nude beach section or which villa to stay away from until construction is completely over. 

That goes for any Sandals Resort though even if you aren't looking to book an Over Water Villa. Sandals Resorts have so many different type of room categories and some are only slightly different and others may have a more coveted location. We know all of those details and can make sure you get the room that is best suited for your wants and needs. There may be a room that looks nice in the pictures and says it over looks the gardens but you probably wouldn't know that the room that you are looking at is actually right behind where deliveries are made every morning at 4am and you can hear the delivery truck backing up every morning. Or maybe you were unaware that the pool to the room you booked is actually not private and you share a pool with 3 other couples. These are reasons even Sandals Resorts encourages you to book with a travel agent.

We were so honored to be one of the first agencies to personally see these highly coveted Over Water Villas! These villas are booked solid for up to two years now and they will be very difficult from anyone else to get to see. Thank you Sandals Resorts for allowing us to see these villas so that we can tell our clients about them. When we see what we are selling we sell it even better! 

We are thrilled about the new and exciting things in the works for Sandals Royal Caribbean, Sandals Montego Bay, Sandals Southcoast (Whitehouse), Sandals Barbados, and many more! We are proud to sell this product and we know we can bank on the fact that we are selling romance, luxury, and more inclusions than any other resort out there! We know our clients will come back happy! Sandals does it BEST!


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