Top 10 Reasons Millennial Couples Should Book an All Inclusive Honeymoon

Top 10 Reasons Millennial Couples Should Book an All Inclusive Honeymoon

1. Lower The Stress, Up The Convenience
Engaged couples learn quickly just how important and stressful sticking to a budget can be. With all the hours spent planning and researching for the wedding, who has the energy and time to resarch the perfect honeymoon destination of their dreams and budget? An all inclusive will allow you to pay for nearly everything upfront - including all meals and alcohol, taxes and fees, daily and nightly entertainment and activities, snacks and drinks in the room, room service, and more. The convieniece of knowing how much you are going to spend before you travel allows you to keep within budget and to not get off track. And no one wants to keep track of their wallet on the beach or risk their cash being stolen. All inclusive allows you to sit back, relax, and leave all of those worries behind.

2. No Hidden Costs
Whether you order the fillet mignon at dinner or drink a beer from your in-room bar, your check-out will lack the surprises of hidden fees and upcharges.

3. Free Entertainment and Fun
Whether it be a show in the evening, music by the pool during the day, water sports, or beach volleyball, the options are endless! Newly married couples could use some relaxation and quality time together after the chaos of planning a wedding.

4. Warm Welcome, Sunny Smiles
When was the last time you were immersed in a place where everyone is there to help make you feel comfotable and happy? Warm smiles, hospitality, and excellent service of the staff will put a smile on your face and make you feel as important as you are. It is sure to add to the magical feeling of being newly married.

5. Well-Deserved Alone Time
For many young couples their honeymoon could be their first real vacation together. When was the last time you broke away from work, family, and your normal life to simply spend time with each other? A stress free all inclusive honeymoon allows you to get to know each other more and fall in love all over again. No set agenda, no packing and unpacking over and over, no traveling by car, train, or bus to get to your next destination. There are no make your own.

6. Dining Delights
When was the last time you were able to order the lobster and the rack of lamb for FREE? The meals are top notch at many all inclusives. You will not have to deal with luke-warm buffet food every meal of every day. Many all inclusives center their resorts around the dining experience that they offer. Their focus is on wowing your tastebuds and wowing you with an authintic atmoshere and the excellent service. Who doesn't love great quality for no extra cost?

7. Leave The Driving to Someone Else
At an all inclusive resort, everything is at your doorstep. There is no need to jump in and out of your rental car all day to get to your excursions. In most cases all inclusive resorts offer roundtrip transfers from the airport to your resort, which allows you to relax and not have to bother with your GPS.

8.Save On Time, Spend It On Fun
Because most of the actvities are at the resort, you won't have to do hours of planning or research to find great activities. No need for talking to several reps with several different companies to book all of the extra activities that you want to do. Personal Travel can always book any excursions or extras that you might want to do off resort property. We make the planning as easy and smooth as possible.

9.Options, Options, Options
With all inclusive resorts there are honeymoons to match every couple's need and finacial plan. The only thing you have to decide is what dates you will be traveling, what options are best for your honeymoon, and what budget range you want to stay in. We can help fill in the rest of the planning - down to helping you choose the destination, resort, room type, flights, and extras. Personal Travel is there to make at least one item on your checklist the easiest thing you will book when it comes to your wedding.

10. Romance
Some all Inclusive resorts offer complimentary honeymoon extras. They might offer a bottle of champaign, breakfast in bed, or a romatic turn down service. There are many adults-only all inclusives that cater to couples, such as Sandals Resorts, El Dorado Resorts, and Couples Resorts to name a few. How could you go wrong when you are spending your honeymoon at a resort that focuses on love and romance?


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