Saint Lucia Secrets: Boutique Resorts

Saint Lucia Secrets: Boutique Hotels

Why stay at a boutique hotel? These resorts (generally 10-40 rooms total) have a lot of things going for them despite their smaller size. Boutiques can provide you with one-of-a-kind experiences. You won't be just a number - you will experience wonderful, personalized service from the moment you step foot in the lobby. Your bar tender will know your favorite drink. Your concierge will know your kids names. Many boutiques in Saint Lucia are striving to be in harmony with the environment. And the settings and architecture are all unique - each one has its own special niche and personality! Read below for info on the four boutique hotels we toured while in Saint Lucia.

Jade Mountain

This luxury resort has taken the concept of being one with nature to a whole new level! The organic and unique architecture is unlike any other. Situated high above the beach, it is surrounded by the lush tropical forests of a reserve. The rooms (pictured above) are referred to as sanctuaries and each one enjoys the gorgeous views of the Piton Mountains and Caribbean, as the 4th wall is simply absent. Jade Mountain is where nature and luxury meet in harmony!

Calabash Cove

Along with having one of the prettiest views in Saint Lucia, this resort truly knows how to provide personalized service. The owner of the resort gave us our tour - he made us feel welcomed, patiently answered all of our questions, and even provided cold towels and drinks! Even though we were only there a short time, we could see how the beautiful atmosphere and architecture, beautifully-decorated rooms, and excellent service would make anyone reluctant to leave!

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

Situated in a cocoa plantation, this luxury boutique is perfect for those looking for seclusion and ultimate relaxation. And if you like chocolate... this may be the perfect hotel for you! You can take the Bean-to-Bar Experience tour that allows you to go out into the plantation to see where the cocoa is harvested and you end up making your own chocolate bar! To keep everything as one with nature and cocoa itself, rooms are simplistic and understated. What is not understated is the cuisine (of course they cook with cocoa) and the grand views.


This boutique is eco-friendly in many ways. We ate at their restaurant while touring and we loved the food - grown, caught, and inspired locally. Ladera also has rooms with the 4th wall missing in order to take full advantage of the amazing views. The architecture here feels like a luxury log cabin in paradise. The unique blend of locally-sourced wood and decor and the beautiful views makes this a very unique property.

Do you want to know more about these or other resorts in Saint Lucia? Let Personal Travel help you find the perfect and unique boutique for you! 812-923-8768 And check out all our pictures from these resorts on our Facebook page!


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