Saint Lucia Secrets: Endless Adventure

Saint Lucia Secrets: Endless Adventure

The "Hawaii of the Caribbean," as St Lucia has been dubbed, is so lush and well-protected, the immense amount of activities the island has to offer should not be a surprise. Just a few things you can do while on the island are sailing, whale watching, hiking, scuba diving, bird watching, shopping, and there is seems to be a festival somewhere on the island nearly every month. On a previous trip, Courtney and Rachel experienced the sulphur mud baths, a waterfall, and sailing through Joe Knows Tours. And you can save time and enjoy gorgeous views of the island from your own helicopter that takes you from the airport to your hotel, like Rachel and Andrei did on their honeymoon.

On this trip, we took a tour through Island Routes that included three stops. Our zip lining included twelve lines, amazing views, and the best guides we could have asked for! Our guide took photos and videos for us along the way for no extra charge. Then our driver took us to one of the island's many waterfalls, which was really fun to get in and explore. Our last stop was at a restaurant and gift shop that had beautiful views of the town, beach, and ocean below. On a separate drive, we also got to stop at the "drive through" volcano for a quick view. 

Thank you for following along as we shared about our trip to Saint Lucia and we hope you enjoyed learning what makes St Lucia so special! We would love to help you book your trip to this unforgettable island so you can discover its secrets for yourself! 812-923-8768

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